Mama v. Mommy

Friday, November 13, 2009

I prefer Mama. No idea why. but I have a preference when it comes to my motherhood name.

Mama seems more nurturing and more the type of mother I strive to be rather than 'Mommy' which can take a decidedly whiny note when pronounced "MOMMMMYYYYYYYYYY"

What do you prefer? Do you have a preference? I am hopelessly weird in that?


Imperfect Mama said...

It's funny... I used to think it was weird when older kids called their moms Mama. But then I had Bean, and I preferred Mama so much to Mommy. I agree that Mommy sounds whiny to me. Mama just seems warm and nurturing. <3

Heather said...

I prefer Mama too. One of Juliette's older friend taught her that she should call me Mommy when she was just turning 3. That was it. I cried. ;)

Atwood-Family of 4 said...

My first never called me mama-she skipped right to mommy. But now sometimes she does revert back to younger ages and calls me mama...I thought i would love mama-and i do, i'm just not that attached to either i think.

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I grew up in the South, where Mama is the norm from birth even until adulthood. Both of my parents still call their moms Mama. In the environment I'm in now, children call their parents Mommy until they're too old and then it's "mom." I do not like "mom" and am trying to train my almost-3 year to call me "Mama."

Megan said...

My children call me all three. They all start with Mama, which is my favorite, makes me feel needed and loved, so I cherish the sound when I hear it. As they have gotten older, they usually start saying just "mom", which makes me sad, but it would be wierd for my 11 year old son to call me "mommy". My now college age daughter called me "Mama" as a baby and little girl, then "mom" as a big girl, and now, shen she needs me, or is missing me, or just happy to hear from me, she calls me "Mommy", and I have to admit I do love that!

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