I need a night to 'skank it up'

Sunday, November 29, 2009

borrowing the phrase from one of my friends.

I am in DIRE need of a ladies night- preferably one that involves dancing and tushie shaking with my girlfriends.

The last time I went out with ladies was last YEAR. So I think one is due. Time to wear clothes that my husband would not approve of set my make up gun to 'whore' and drive my oh soooo hot honda MINIVAN to a bar/clubby place and laugh and play like I am not a mom with a house and kids and dogs and yes, the sexy mini van.

Girls need these times as a form of female bonding. It is important to us to know we are still attractive despite being in the kitchen at 6 pm working on dinner, being fussed at by children, wearing sheep pajama pants, without a speck of make up we can still clean up well enough to make a guy look twice.

so if any of my friends are interested please feel free to email me and we'll plan out night out- no kids- none.. with make up- and no pajama pants.


Atwood-Family of 4 said...

You forgot to add that you want to laugh and play like you are not *married*!! Hehe! That's probably the most important one! Single mama's w/o hubbies, people w/ houses and people w/ dogs can club it up all they want, but what's really going to stop you is the husband...

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