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Monday, September 5, 2011

So what this was three weeks ago......LOTS has happened, which will have to wait for another post...but I am finally getting to it!

I was so nervous. I was seriously a ball of anxiety, more so than usual. One of my biggest worries was getting to the location as I am directionally impaired. Victory was mine when I arrived, in one piece.

Then more terror. What the heck are you supposed to do? I knew no one! (Thank heaven for assigned seating)

I learned a few things in terms of items to bring:
Business cards, while I had Pixis's diapers, I forgot my cards... oh well.
My camera- I cannot take photos for crap on my phone.


When we started I felt like the presenters were speaking a different language. I need a dumbed down tech version- for people like me who are tech delayed. I did learn I need to re-do my blog design and I should migrate to WordPress. I need a good designers name and some tech smart people to help me get things over (also I would like to work on my Twitter Page and my Facebook Page).

I did learn a ton about blog layout and design, turns out I was(am) doing it all wrong, this will be remedied in a new layout.

The biggest thing I took a way was that I have been operating on a policy aki to bloggy isolationism- which is not so useful. I need to break out of my comfort zone and start making more relationships (I have a few bloggy friends who I adore though).

An aside: The hotel where this was held was phenomenal. I have diet restrictions that force me to eat Gluten Free and this hotel was so accommodating. I will gladly give them my business anytime. They went out of the wan and prepared a GF grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables for me. I was floored. The even better for dessert- they got me a fruit plate. Color me stunned. Thank you Renaissance North Shore! It was incredible!

I had the great fortune to sit with some amazing women like Momnivore's Dilemma. She rocks my socks off! And Terra Talking who is all kinds of awesome.


Sarah said...

Would you mind expanding a bit...

1. Why the importance of switching to wordpress?

2. What is bloggy isolationism?

Thank you! : )

Just Me said...

I'll do my best! Wordpress- gives a blogger a lot more options and a lot more control over their content.

bloggy isolationism- is that I really suck at reaching out and making relationships with readers as well as other bloggers.

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