Oh the smells...(morning sickness lament)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The first few months of a pregnancy are the worst for me- I have never made it full term so I cannot comment on what the last 2 are like- full disclosure.

The first few are just awful. Everything smells. Badly. I can't think of a single thing that smells good to me. Everything makes me retch and heave. I hold my breath when opening the refrigerator. I make non-smelly things for food- such as cereal (who says you can't eat it three times a day).

But unless I have told people there is no way that anyone would know I am pregnant. I am not showing, I just am a bit more chunky, so I can't play up the pregnant person sympathy.

Grocery shopping is an exercise in control over my gag reflex. Just walking in to the store I am bombarded by a hundred different odors each more nauseating than the last, so shopping is done at a full out sprint most of the time.

This is actually an improvement. I required IV re-hydration last week as for several days I could not keep even fluids down. Now that I am staying ahead of the nausea with lots of medication hopefully I can expand my diet to include more than lemon ice soon.


Alison said...

I so know how you feel.I too ended up in the hospital with the IV. I hated all smells, and was sick for months. Grocery stores did the same thing to me. I hope this passes for you. I lived on bubble gum, peaches in heavy syrup and pancakes. how wierd, but it worked, forget the saltines. Rest was my best friend during that time. stay well and really wishing you feel better.

Dorothy said...

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