Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My family was big into getting together when I was a kid.

One of the best was Thanksgiving. This is one of the few holidays that moved around a little, meaning we did not have a set in stone routine of where to go at what time... this was a little more fluid, over the course of my entire childhood five people hosted.

There were some set in stone traditions though, one of which was the local Turkey Trot. My mom, her friend, our neighbors, and my friends would run in the annual 5k, from the time I was 9 or so.

Then we would go back to my parents home and the adults would begin the days drinking with Bloody Mary's and the kids would hang out. We would have some basic appetizers, the best of which was my moms taco dip, this would begin at around 10 am, and it was fantastic.

Over the years the family has grown and shrunk, with people getting married/divorced, having kids, moving away etc. So there has not been a massive family thing in a while, that is really sad, but I will always always treasure the ones we had.


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