Will I still have a place?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I have been out of my pole dancing group for a while now, since August 23 (but who is counting)

I miss it so damn much. It is awful.

A thought hit me this morning that scared me. What if my class has moved on with out me? What if the dynamic is gone? What if? What if there is not room for me in the class, or I can never catch back up?

Don't get me wrong, this baby is a blessing. But leaving something I loved and women I love stings a little.


puddinggirl said...

i know how that feels... i also take a pause from my profession to become a stay-at-home mother.. and i miss what i do... to become parents though is an opportunity one should never miss... so hang on, you will be fine.. By the way I voted for you on TMB! and I found your site on SITS!.. :-)

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