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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pixie has arrived at her two year old self with a vengeance.

She can follow me throughout the house and say "Mama? Mama what is that?"

She loves pushing every single limit she can, if I ask her to not do something it is like an open invitation to do it.

This can go one of two basic ways. I can end up hiding, locked in the bathroom or I can realize that she is 2. I am considerably older.

My solution is to not manipulate her into doing things my way, but to find away to say 'yes' more often.

Personally, I am still learning how to do this. My knee jerk reaction is to be frustrated and annoyed and make her do things my way. Which makes us both upset. So I am now looking for ways to make 'yes' a reality.

She wants to climb? Maybe we can go to the park. She wants to run? Is there anyway we can all go outside?

I am learning. I am far from perfect but I hope I can learn to respond with fun and joy rather than frustration and irritation.


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