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Friday, January 13, 2012

I feel like I should be brimming with post inspiration but I am not.

Maybe things just got the better of me. Maybe in all of the stress- things got lost.

Good news- no baby yet.


Bad news- pre-term labor is stressful.

I spent the past few days up on a labor and delivery floor of a hospital- apparently coming precariously close to delivering (I did not know this).

Granted- full term is a dream in my world. 35 weeks is a dream in my world.

I guess, the OBs, MFMs, and nurses all thought that I was very close to delivering a very premature baby boy the past few days. This is not something they shared with me. As far as I knew it was run of the mill- early contractions- that needed to be monitored stopped so they did not turn into something more serious. After chatting with one of the nurses- I learned how concerned they were.

Upon learning this, I was kind of pissed- not kind of pissed- really pissed. I should have known! Someone should have told me! Why was I not told? Shouldn't me- the mother be informed of this? I mean if I am about to delivery a very premature baby- I need to prepare, at minimum emotionally, and arrange child care- among other things.

One of my major frustrations is that every time a different doctor came in they had a different plan or opinion. For me, a planner, this is a problem, what was more- was most of the plans were based on opinion and experience not necessarily hard and fast evidence or able to be supported with sound reasoning- which is a huge giant super enormous issue for me.

Added to this unbelievable stress is that my family is owed in excess of $6,000- which would really really come in handy right about now. We are stretched so thin- and yes- I should be- and am thankful for the blessings I have been given- the added stress of being genuinely scared about paying the mortgage is not helping matters.


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