Hyperemsis Gravidarum

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh Duchess (or Princess) I feel for you.  

Hyperemisis ins not just morning sickness it is really hell, absolute and total hell.  It was wanting to die but knowing you wanted your baby.  It was actually considering abortion.  It was going on anti nausea meds meant for cancer patients.  It was painful.  I have had experienced it complete with home IV therapy. 

Whats worse is unless you have been there, you can't understand.

Hyperemesis can cause re-emergence of depression or anxiety.  It is very lonely.  

I remember wanting to hit anyone who brushed me off as having morning sickness- but I couldn't move without being dizzy or puking.  I questioned myself a lot-- was I doing the right thing? Was I just being dramatic?  Was my doctor treating me effectively? I desperately wanted to explain to my husband how hellish it was and being so angry when he minimized it. 

The judgement.  Oh the judgement was hurtful.  It cut deep. 

 The thing that helped the most was finding other women who had been there.  So my advice to anyone who has hyperemisis is to know that you are not alone.  You are not weak-  you are stronger than you know. 
Find a community who will support you and lean on them. 


Sandra Kohlmann said...

It was the worst. When I dealt with it, I missed a solid 6 weeks of work, then only worked part time for a month after that, which ate up my maternity leave. I remember my boss repeatedly telling me to just keep crackers by my bedside and eat them, before I got up. Then I'd be able to come to work. Nevermind that I had thrown up at work on multiple occasions (in my garbage can, while on the phone w/clients and the phone on mute. My co-workers couldn't stand it. I'd be at home, laying in bed, thinking that I should just go to work. Then I'd go to work and vomit everywhere. I've never felt worse in all my life...dizzy, nauseated, weak, light headed, and all the rest. Pregnant with twins, I didn't gain weight until I was 10 weeks pregnant. I so feel for the Duchess and for all women who go through hyperemesis, especially those who have friends, family, and co-workers who think they are just being drama queens.

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

I didn't know you experienced this. Which baby?

Just Me said...

it was worst with the boys. but to varying degrees with all of them

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