... I don't know what happend for four days....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lost time.

Me being somewhat of a type A control freak, this is a problem.

Thursday night I was at a class and I just did not feel right.  I got home and my boob hurt.  I just figured that I needed to nurse, thankfully little dude was more than willing to help out.

Husband went to meet some friends and I went down the rabbit hole. 

I started to feel so cold. Unbearably cold.  Since the kids were sleeping I popped in the bath to try and warm up. I took off my shirt and bra and saw a red, streaky swollen boob staring back at me. Mastitis. 

It went down hill fast.  I got wash clothes to use as compresses and a manual pump to help prevent milk stasis.  Then I called my doctor. I know there are lots of great ways to manage mastitis naturally.  Really- and they are great.  But I lack a great immune system and when I get sick, I get very sick very fast.  When she called back I briefly went over my history with her.  She called in an antibiotic script for me and told me to come in first thing in the morning. 

During the night I just got sicker.  In the morning I felt horrific. I went to the doctor and she sent me for IV antibiotics at an immediate care center- I was not ready to go right to to hospital.

But first Stinky had to go to the eye doctor, but that is another blog post.

At the immediate care center- I was offered two guys phone numbers-- then they found out I had 5 kids-- one of them must have been insane because he still was interested.  Then had a few rounds of antibiotics, bloodwork and a breast ultrasound.  I was sick.

That doctor decided that I needed to be in the hospital and sent me over.

I drove myself. 

Monday morning I was finally cleared to come home with no real memory of the intervening days.   This was a problem.  I needed to find my car.  After walking around for a bit in the parking lot- I found it.  How would I explain that one? "Sorry, can you help me find my car? I was really sick when I drove myself here and I have no idea what happened the next few days."


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