Dishwasher Obsession

Monday, May 27, 2013

With my husband- we have always had a dishwasher and for some reason the kids have all been fascinated by it. 

Princess- who hated the vacuum loved the dishwasher. She could hear the door being opened from across the apartment she would get her little bum over there as fast as she could.

Stinky had the same fascination he would try and crawl into the dishwasher when the drawer was open. 
We plucked him off of the door more times than I can count.

Peas was the same way, add absurd determination and lightening fast crawling. I would usually pop her on my back and then do the dishes so she couldn't climb in, she would just pull my hair out by the roots. 

Pixie was the same way- and she loved to chase the vacuum.

Now it is LittleDudes turn.  The big kids help a lot, but he is so fast and he can pull hair like no one's business, when it is dishes time he usually goes in his bouncer-- baby jail- until the loading or unloading is done.  After we close the door he leans against the door and hugs it.  He loves the vibration and the warmth.

What is the huge draw to the dishwasher.  We may never know- a great mystery of baby kind. 


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