Netflix Dropped Dora and Diego--- OMG

Thursday, May 30, 2013

"My life is over!!" 

Pixie's favorite shows are Dora the Explorer and Go! Diego, Go!  She would watch them on the iPad via Netflix every day.  She learned so much about different animals and she loved seeing the live ones at the zoo and telling me about what she learned. 

One day- we were settling in for the night and she started looking for Dora or Diego on Netflix to watch an episode- they were gone.  With growing anxiety and fear I searched Netflix for the shows. They disappeared into thin air.

I don't think Map can help us with this problem.  After some investigating I found out that Netflix did not renew their contract with Dora and Diego's company.


It was like her best friend left, and to a certain extent that is exactly what happened- Dora and Diego were her friends. 

The meltdown that followed could rival any tragedy.  There were tears, enough tears to fill an ocean... from both of us. There was sadness and mourning.

There was yelling:  "HOW DARE THEY TAKE MY SHOW AWAY!!!!"

Really-- were they not thinking about kids and how they love Dora and Diego? Were they not thinking of the parents?  What, exactly were they thinking about?

Pixie's heartbreak was palpable and real.

Thank goodness for Amazon Prime-- they still offer Diego and Dora for instant streaming.  And I will be buying a ton of Dora and Diego DVDs at resales so even if Amazon drops them we will still be prepared- just like Dora's Backpack and Diego's Rescue Pack.


AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

That stinks. My kids used to love Dora too.

I'm glad you're still able to watch the show! We also have Amazon Prime.

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