Coumadin Conundrom

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Since my TIA I have been on Coumadin. It is a blood thinner- and a fabulous way to see just how klutzy I am.  Really no on needs to know how many times I run into things.  It is just sad.  Bruises are not sexy.

Anyway Coumadin is a PITA.  Every week I have to get my blood tested to check my INR.  One week I am too high the next week to low.  Apparently every medicine in the world impacts Coumadin levels.  So if I have to go on prednisone for example- for asthma- my INR (clotting factor) drops too low which means that I need to increase my Coumadin dose.  Trouble is- Prednisone is dosed on a taper so as my Prednisone dose goes down I have to balance it with the Coumadin.  This is not even with dealing with diet issues! Obnoxious. This is for life- I will be on Coumadin (or other blood thinner forever).

So my dose changes every week. Sometimes more than once a week.  Then there are different doses every day, which is a pain to remember.

Coumadin is definitely preferable to another clot, but it is still pretty annoying


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