Peace. Love. Rest. Death.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

* What I talk about here maybe hard for some people to read, please be aware*

My grandma died this morning.  She was dying for a while.  Dying is not a passive act. Nor is it immediate. It is a series.  Anyway. 

She had been in hospice care for nearly a week. 

She was agitated and upset but when she saw Henry she smiled at him.  She was crazy about the kids and they were crazy about her.

The last time I saw her smile was at Henry.  The smile lit up her whole face.  She reached for him. He let her hold him and he babbled, she laughed. 

It was so special to hear her laugh and see her smile. 

The kids made art work for her all the time and had enough of it to fill a museum. 

Anyway.  When death happens its a shocking thing.  Its obvious what made her--her--- her soul left.  Her soul, is with G-d. With G-d that she loved and taught us to love. 

My grandma- may she rest in peace- will be missed by many.  But she will never ever be forgotten.


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