Oh Captain, My Captain

Saturday, July 6, 2013

With all of all the fuss over the BlackHawks winning the Stanley Cup in Chicago, people have been calling Jonathon Toews "Oh Captain, My Captain" ok fine.  He is the team captain. I get it.  But the Walt Whitman poem being quoted is a funeral poem written after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  As far as I'm aware no one has assassinated Toews- though I am sure some Bruins fans have at least considered it.

However, COME ON.  It is a classic poem that we all should have at least read at sometime during our school careers.  There are several well written analysis of the poem that explain that Abrahan Lincoln was a man whom Whitman greatly admired.  Toews while a great team captain has not lead a country through a war.

There has to be a better nickname for him.

Yes, I realize this is one of my crazy literary issues but give me this one.


Sandra said...

I'm pretty sure nobody has assassinated Toews either. I'm from Winnipeg, his hometown. If the boy went missing, the masses would be wailing in the streets (not too much comes from Winnipeg, Manitoba). :)

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