Possesion is 9 tenths of the law

Friday, July 26, 2013

But perspective is 9 tenths of life.

Princess went through a phase drawing little smiley faces on the walls.  They were tiny and you never really knew when you'd come across one. Kind of like easter eggs in TV shows

When I was little my parents would have murdered (maybe only a slight exaggeration) if I drew on the walls. ESPECIALLY if I was over the age of 2. 

I'm not mad about it.  Here's why:

a) they are smiley faces- there are worse things
b) its a fun surprise when I find them. 
c) Is it really that big of a deal???

No- I don't clean them up whenever I find one.  Its actually fun- especially if I am in a grumpy mood.  Finding one helps remind me of my perspective and perception. So I leave them. Maybe they'll cheer someone else up. 


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