Horse Crazy

Monday, December 16, 2013

I was a horse crazy kid.  Horse crazy is an understatement.  I was horse obsessed.  I eat, slept, and breathed horses.  I was always told that I would outgrow my love my for horses.  It has not abated a little bit yet.

My parents probably hated horses because I loved them so much.

Princess, my oldest daughter, is my child down to the horse crazy streak.  Since my horse crazy streak has not abated- it is something that she and I can share. So we are thankful to be able to care for one.

All of the kids love to go see the horses.  LittleDude loves the horses especially.  Of his little 18 month old vocabulary- 'horsey' is one of his favorite words.  He loves to feed them treats and hug them.  He has learned how to click his tongue to call them.

Its not just horses he loves. He loves dogs and cats, and everything he has ever met.  He runs up and greats them all with a giant hug. 


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