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Thursday, April 24, 2008

This is a story I typed up after an interesting Fourth of July last year. I found it this morning...

Our story begins on the Fourth of July in suburban Chicago. The morning dawns hot and muggy. After the ususal morning scramble of preparing breakfast for the family, dogs, and cats our hero mommy begins to discuss the days plans with equally heroic daddy.

As Daddy is a strong handsome (and hot) fireman the family has the option of going to the villiage where he serves to walk in the parade with the fire trucks. Our heros decide to risk the chance of rain and in patriotic spirit pack up and head off to the far away villiage (this is partly because the three year old has decided that she wanted to dress up like a princess). Chaos ensues. Preparing bags, diapers, cups for 2 children...

Heroic daddy asks heroic mommy if she wishes for a stroller for the 1.5 mile walk of the parade. Brave mommy says no, that she would just wear the nearly one year old boy in a sling and the three year old could walk or ride on the fire truck.

Our heros load into the car and set of on a journey filled with road construction and delays on the tollway. When the family exits the tollway hero mommy realized that due to extreme sleep deprivation that she neglected to ensure a sling was loaded into the car along with everything else that is needed for a 4 hour outing (which would be just about the entire house).

Panic stikes. No stroller, no sling what is a babywearing mama to due?? Hero mommy ever the quick thinker decides to find a fabric store and purchase enough fabric for a wrap and wing it.

Hero daddy and his amazing internet capable super phone zero in on a fabric store close to the parade that is (shockingly) open on the Fourth of July. Mommy purchases fabric, borrows scissors cuts down the fold of the fabric, commanders super phone and finds instruction on how to use a wrap. SUCCESS!

Mommy acheived the front carry in a DIY, no hem, no nothing wrap and carried stinky boy 1.5 miles in the parade, which he loved.

Princess 3 year old pranced her way next to her daddy holding his hand as he and 10 other fireman carried a HUGE flag.

Our tale ends with our heros, exhausted, pack the children, thrilled, back into the car and make their way back to the suburbs for a nap.


Farrah said...

I love this story. You are a babywearing Queen!! :)

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