Kids books my butt!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love to read. I am trying to instill that in Princess, Stinky, and Peas, so we read...a lot.

We went to the library to check out books as we do at least 2x a week and I let them pick out books. Usually I do not give them a second glance until I am reading them to the kids..That will be changing.

One book they picked out was by Jane Goodall and had a picture of a chimp and a dog on the cover, innocent enough right?? It was the most traumatic story I have ever read. I kept changing the story to be more child appropriate. Even the illustrations while full of emotion and amazing in that sense, conveyed more terror, and sadness than hope.

In the first two pages of that book, the mother is 'killed or mortally wounded' and will never be able to help the baby chimp again, and there would be no more comforting nursing! The baby is pushed roughly into a cage and taken, chained to a market. He has shotgun pellets lodged in his body that were painful...ya' think?? This was supposed to be the Good Night story...heck no..I would have nightmares off of that!

Eventually the chimp makes a friend and all is well until the he is again taken away from the friend. Ugh...

Another book we checked out had two girls that were playing dress-ups on the cover...innocent enough? Nope...One of the girls was teased mercilessly for being overweight...then she losses weight and is tired (my first thought was an eating disorder, but it was worse...) She had cancer!!! They showed her losing her hair and deathly ill...Again not a pleasant topic...I edited it as I read trying to make it not so scary...GAHH! I need to approve kids books too!

I have learned my lesson


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