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Saturday, April 26, 2008

A funny story:

Our fire.

The scene: 5:00 am. B is at the firehouse, Peas is awake as is Stinky, Stinky is hungry.

Mommy (in this story played by a svelte woman who looks amazing despite her lack of sleep and sanity) half awake and half blind as cannot find glasses locates eggo waffles in freezer pops two in toaster while nursing Zoe and not tripping over stray toys/tails/or kids.

Something smells like it is burning...Mommy's spring allergies make the sense of smell a little off but she figures it is just crumbs at the bottom of the toaster. The smell gets stronger; Mommy walks around the kitchen like an idiot sniffing appliances trying to figure out what is burning while simultaneously nursing Zoe and trying to figure the location of a phone in case 911 becomes necessary and the best evacuation plan.

Mommy turns around sees wisp of smoke arising from the toaster...'ah-ha' Mommy thinks, 'just crumbs.' No sooner has Mommy thought that than a flame appears dancing in the toaster... 'crap' mommy thinks...sprints into the living room detaches Peas, runs back to kitchen, unplugs toaster with hot mitt and tosses it outside. Billy wonders what happened to his breakfast...he settles for cereal.


Catherine said...

Wow - that's a great story!

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