Sad days ahead

Friday, April 11, 2008

One of my good friends got some news last week that was devastating.

Her daughter was born at 27 weeks at a well known hospital, one at which you would expect exemplary care, one at which you would expect a 27 weeker to survive at...and she passed after 13 days. It is coming up on two years ago that she was born and they just learned that the hospital made several errors that caused and contributed to causing her death.

Her mother, one of the sweetest women alive, is tortured over this. In learning of the events it is like reliving losing her daughter. I have no idea how to help her through this. She has decided to sue the hospital in hopes that the same sequence of events never happens again. The courage with which Riley's family is exhibiting is amazing...they do not want financial gain...anything that they are awarded will go to charity

They feel betrayed, like the people who were supposed to fight for Riley failed her and they as parents failed her because of choosing this hospital.

This little girl touched/touches so many lives it is amazing. She lived each day with strength, courage and grace...her younger brothers are lucky to have a sister like her.

She always will be Amazing Gracie--Riley Grace


Farrah said...

I will certainly be praying for your friends. That has to be so hard. You have been such a good friend to them and I know you will continue to support her through all this. Let us know how we can support you so you can be there for her.

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