in which I complain about my wrist

Monday, July 18, 2011

Why does everything medical take about a year? It took almost a year to deal with my kidney stones, and I am still dealing with them- yep thats right therrree baaack! (oh yay).

Almost a year ago I injured my wrist when I fell on a broken sidewalk in front of a neighbors home. I spent some time in a hot pink cast, remember?

Despite casting, physical therapy, and cortisone shots my wrist was still painful. After an MRI I have surgery scheduled August 23rd to repair my wrist. Almost a year later. A year.

It has been a long year and it has impacted every part of my life. From my ability catch my children when they jump or my ability to do anything really, maybe now I can get my life back with out pain in my wrist.

But right now. It hurts. It aches even when I am not actively doing anything with it. It needs to stop.


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