This should not be a surprise

Friday, July 15, 2011

Everyday my kids have ample opportunity to run around like the kids they are. Play. Climb. Fall. Jump. whatever floats their boat. It is a sanity saver for them and me.

Inevitably, it will happen that for some reason or another I am unmotivated and we will be couch potatoes for a day. Then I will pay. Oh heavens will I pay dearly.

They will fight and squabble and be obnoxious to each other and just not being themselves.

This is where the silly cycle starts. It is good for no one, not for them, not for me.

-I threaten, "the way you are acting shows me that you do not want to go to the (insert fun place)"

-they whine

-I get more annoyed

-We skip whatever activity

-Our home feels like it is going to explode

-We go outside and run around

-Everyone is much happier

About 10 minutes into the outing I realize (again) that the kids are being themselves again. I am calmer, and I wonder why we stayed inside so long.


It is no surprise that my kids need time to be free range kids. To keep them cooped up is cruel to everyone involved. But as a parent, I am conditioned to use a reward/punishment system. What I need to do is re-learn the pattern to head it off.

Part of the problem stems from the fact that I am an introvert. I like socializing but only with a few people. Crowds overwhelm me. Most of my kids are extroverts. Crowds excite them. So we are constantly learning and growing, figuring out how to balance all of our needs.


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