Joy and Eggs

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Odd combo. You bet. But well.

I had the pleasure of being in a pole class on Monday night. It was fantastic. I got a new trick (with help) then managed to do it again at home (yes I rock that much).

We were doing stretches at the beginning of class and the instructor told us to think of an 'o' word. The obvious of course is orgasm. Yeah. That did not occur to me. I drew a blank for several moments and came up with the word "oocyte". Which is the sciency name for the female gamete: the egg cell.

That is all kinds of sexy. Or not.

I need to get out more.

At the end of class we were asked to think of a word that describes how we were feeling.. I came up with joyful- again, not a typical answer for a sexy pole class but a hell of a lot better than oocyte.

Crap! I forgot about the best part (I have already blocked it from my mind apparently)! I flashed everyone. Time to take that top out of the rotation. You'd think, in a pole dancing class, it would be no big deal to fall out of your top. I wished the damn floor would swallow me up. Seriously, I considered leaving. But D- was so kind an loving, I stayed, and was so glad I did.


Shell said...

I always thought those classes would be fun. Except I'm so not coordinated. I'd hurt someone. Probably me. But also anyone who was in the way.

Just Me said...

Really- If I can do them ANYONE can. Maybe I should take video or something.

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