They were not thinking.

Friday, July 29, 2011

I am anti fabric softener. It leaves a funky residue and is all chemically- and it gives me rashes (TMI)

Anyway. We got the Bounce Dryer Bar as one of my children cannot seem to stand to wear clothes if they have not been drenched in fabric softener. The slightest roughness or less than silken softness sends her into a stripping fiend.

The bar is supposed to last 2 months or so- as it wears down the word "replace' would show up and indicate it is time to change the bar. It lasted a week. Really. A week. That is it.

I know we do a lot of laundry. Four kids, 2 dogs means laundry day is every day. However, I did expect the bar to last longer than a week.

So Bounce- not impressed.


Laila said...

Dang a week? I don't want to ask how much it cost. :-/

Just Me said...

it actually was not that expensive- but it was damn depressing to see how much laundry I do.

DebC said...

Only a week? Yikes! We've had ours since June and it's still going strong... though, reading your post has reminded me that I should check it soon.

Theresa said...

That is ridiculous! I hope they see this and send you a new bar!

Just Me said...

@debc I was so disappointed

@Theresa- I am not betting on it but one can hope right?

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