AP- Not advanced placement.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am really glad that Attachment Parenting is getting a lot of press lately.

-Full disclosure- I am not a totally AP parent- I take what works for me and my family and kind of ad lib a bit-

We were not always an attachment parenting family. When I was expecting Princess, I planned on formula feeding, using disposable diapers, sleep training in a crib, etc...

Well that did not feel right. Princess liked to be close and cuddled. Princess to tiny so she needed breastmilk and kangaroo care.

Stinky lived in a sling and the crib we had became a great place to put clothes that kids had out grown.

Peas had a selection of carriers, cute cloth diapers, and I don't think she was ever in a crib- she nurses her babies and has a doll ring sling. She nursed until she was three half.

and on and on....

I was honestly surprised that there was a name for this kind of parenting. We were just doing what felt right. Forcing the kids to do xyz did not feel good. Listening to them cry felt physically painful. Learning to listen to my gut and instincts was the most important things I have ever done. We are a healthier happier group because of it.

Responding to my kids as people- with rights and dignity- respecting their needs- respecting them helps everyone. I have compassionate empathetic kids who have their own personalities that may not have had the chance to grow so much if they were stifled.

The thing is- to be an AP parent you do not need to follow some book you do not need to do it all- all you need to do is to follow your heart do what feels right- learn to trust yourself. For example... We do not do elimination communication- that is just not my thing.


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