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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pixie is a silly girl. She is 2 and can try my patience like no other. I keep reminding her that she has the rest of her life to make me insane- there is no rush.

She likes to stuff things in her diaper- random things. Like matchbox cars or crayons. Many times I have gone to change her and been met with some array of toys. Pixie just laughs.

She has started doing the same with her pajamas. Today, I pulled a paint brush out of her pjs to her giggles.

why does she do this?


Margaux said...

So funny! At this point I don't think I would mind finding something fun in my son's diaper, other than the usual things...

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

No clue! But my daughter is a hider - as in she'll fall in love with a tiny toy, hide it, and forget where she hid it. Many a late-night toy search has happened around these parts!

Just Me said...

@margaux lol it is all fun and games until you get the usual and some extra surprises.

@christa- gotta love that!

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