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Friday, March 16, 2012

Life with five kids is more work than life with four.

Henry (currently taking suggestions for his pseudonym) is obviously pretty easy to care for at the moment, considering he stays put- but the pumping takes time- and lots of it which eats into my time to do anything else, like pee, or brush my teeth.

We are all learning how to exist in our new family of five kids. The kids have to be more independent and patient. I have to adjust too.

It a learning process for everyone. I need to adjust my expectations and figure out a new flow. After each kid I have taken the stance that it may not be neat it may not be tidy, but we will all learn. We will live. So what if things are a little more of a mess for a while we will make it.


Lauren said...

Congratulations! You'll be into the swing of things before you know it.

Atwood-Family of FIVE said...

Yes congrats! Is he not BFing? Why all the pumping? Hoping all is well w/ him and i look forward to hearing more details about his arrival both to this world and into your home (from the NICU). Lots of love your way!

Alphababe said...

Aww he is adorable! Congrats on your new addition.

Just Me said...

I am pumping because I am working on a freezer stash- I know I will have at least 2 surgeries this summer and I want to make sure we have milk on hand- therefore he also gets at least one feeding by bottle-which he tolerates, barely

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