High maintenance mama

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I tell people I am really low maintenance- and in a lot of ways I am. I do not put time into my 'look'. I do not wear make up. I do not do mani/pedi's with any regularity. Dirt doesn't bother me. I do not shy away from hard work. I like to get sweaty.

But there are a lot of ways I am high maintenance. I do not like big crowds. I get very anxious- and thus avoid overly crowded places.

I also do not like to drive. I will tolerated it in an area with which I am familiar, and there is parking, but in a strange area where parking is an issue, I will not drive.

Along similar lines, I do not know how to parallel park. So if parking will be of the parallel variety- I'll pass. I also do not drive in the city. There is far too much going on and I just can't deal.

So I am clearly high maintenance just not in the normal way.


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