Sad to see the nuggles go

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Peas has struggled with speech. Recently, she has been improving by leaps and bounds, it is AMAZING to see this little person who would not string three words together burst out with a diatribe on not wanting to do something.

Which is kind of funny because I rarely make my kids do anything.

One thing she has demanded since birth is snuggles. For the as long as I can remember she has been saying it as 'nuggle'. Usually it is phrased "Mama, I want to nuggle you" how can you say no to that? Nuggle me? Of course!

In the past two weeks 'nuggle' has transformed in to 'snuggle'. It is great that she is improving with speech but I am kind of sad to see the 'nuggles' go. That was something that was just her. Something that made me smile.

It is bittersweet to see her give up the 'nuggles'- but I will gladly snuggle her.


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