when you walk into my house

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It will not be clean.
It will not be dust free-- in fact there may be dust monsters rolling about
It will not be organized
The counters will be cluttered
There will be toys everywhere
There will be people everywhere
There will be noise

But there will be joy.
There will be laughter (and occasional screaming)
There will be art projects proudly displayed.

There will be kids who believe the world is their oyster.  There will be parents who love.  There will be grandparents who love.  There will be great grand parents who love.

Our home is full.. Bursting at the seams.
 Full of life.  Full of learning.  Full of love. 


Be-Quoted.com said...

Oh Lawd. When you walk into my house please don't slam the door because the dust will engulf you. Wood floors are beautiful, but goodness do the collect a lot of dust. Like you, our house is full of love and laughter.

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