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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Putting three kids to bed an aerobic activity??

It goes like this:

-dinner...I usually try and get a vegetable in them somehow. Sometimes they eat sometimes the dogs eat well...the kids get wiped or occasionally hosed off as the meal and the level of messiness dictate..dogs lick the floor chairs everything.

- the kids play until that paradoxical childhood reaction to fatigue sets in..when they become so intractable that there is no good solution. Tonight Princess ripped a choo-choo out of Stinky's hands and sat on it..why? dunno. I asked her how she feels when Stinky takes things from her and she began to flail about like an octopus being strangled. I told her that she could choose to calm down and play nicely or go to bed. she choose to go to bed (ok she did not choose..she bit me). I talked to her and told her it made me really sad when she made choices like that and that she was telling me with her actions that it was time for rest. she began to run around like a maniac.

- I pick her up. she flails/kicks, shrieks, hits...etc. I prevent her from knocking her self out and deposit her in her bed. she again acts all wild and gets stuck..then really looses it...

- stage left Peas is chasing a huge plastic bat yelling at it
- stage right Stinky is sitting on a dog who is being saintly.

- Princess is unstuck and we calm down and talk. the other children are herded to the bathroom for teeth brushing/last potty.

- I hold Peas and prepare tooth brushes while bouncing Peas. We sing the brushing song..Princess attempts to water board herself while rinsing. faces are again wiped (how do the get so dirty in 45 min??)

- we go to Stinky's room. Princess decides she wants to read her story/say prayers in Stinky's bed. Fine. Prayers are said. I somehow manage to hoist Princess onto my hip to carry her and Peas to her room and put her in bed..hand off blankie give kisses, turn on nightlight, turn on music box.

- return to Stinky's room..he is wailing in his crib..he wants to sleep in his big boy cars bed. I sympathize but tonight the into and out of bed constantly thing seems beyond me. give kisses turn on nightlight sunggles.

- remember dogs are outside. run downstairs to let them into garage to dry off a bit. nearly breaking my neck and dropping Peas on the train layout..

- briefly stop in kitchen to have sweating.

- hear skylar playing in room- remind her that she needs to rest.

- plop down to nurse and realize I forgot to change Stinky's diaper and Peas needs a new one as well. Figure Stinky can wait until he is sleeping then I'll change him...I change Peas...she nurses and fall unceremoniously asleep...

- feed dogs

-remember I have not pee'd since 6 am.


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