Swearing- Preschcool style

Thursday, October 30, 2008

As you know as the mother of three children one of my primary functions in life is a referee. A skill that I had previously under-utilized and have had lots of practice developing it.

This morning an argument broke out over the trains- the toy I hate most... They fight over it more than play with it, it eats batteries for snacks, and needs to be put back together very frequently, it also has a ton of pieces to keep track of, and the worst?? It makes noise- the Thomas theme song.

So the kids are arguing. It was threatening to turn ugly so I intervened. A short investigation revealed that Princess hijacked the train from Stinky and Stinky was retaliating. Order and justice were restored. Princess in protest stomped off to her room and attempted to slam the door (it does help if blankets are not in the way)...for good measure she opened it and slammed it again.. This translates from preschoolese to 'f you'


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