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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas was fun for the kids. Tiring for me. Exhausting more like. The day after we went to a PADS shelter to serve breakfast to those less fortunate. It was the children's first real experience there.

Leaving the house was an experience in an of itself...the roads were sheer ice. It was like driving on a sheet of glass. Driving my SUV was scary. But we made it. Took longer than I thought.. but we made it.

once inside we waited for the other volunteers...and proceeded to make breakfast bacon, eggs, sausage, coffee, juice, toast, bagels...etc. Princess was so excited to help out. She loved it. The other family had a little girl too..older than Princess but not a lot. Both of them were happy to help. That was refreshing. It made my heart happy to see my child so anxious to help and enjoying it. It was somewhat embarrassing when she told a guest that "I came here this morning to help people who do not have a house like we do".

The two hours flew by. Soon it was time to leave. We loaded back in the car and ice skated home. My heart filled and refreshed. I am already looking forward to going and helping next month.


felicia said...

Isn't it the best feeling ever?!? :)

Coordinating the shelter stuff is stressful and time consuming, but that drive home after serving dinner and making beds is so wonderful. It's like a bath of warm, happy, contentment and light that just washes over your heart and makes you feel so damn good.

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