Wednesday, December 10, 2008

There are so many things about motherhood that are hard and frustrating..Thankfully there are more that are fun and entertaining.

Lately Stinky has started imaginary play. Like full on imaginary play. He pretends he is an airplane and flies around the house...buzzing the dogs...bothering his sister...making the noises. It is so much fun to watch him immerse himself in his world and see what develops.

What will he be today?? So far a race car and race car driver, a choo choo, and an airplane.

Now a funny story:

Yesterday I was petting the cat and I noticed a strange accessory: blue fur. I put my mommy interrogation skills to work...asked how her fur came to be blue and found out that Stinky had colored her. Oh well...not the worst I've seen


Sonia Roselli said...

OMG! Coloring the cat! HA HA HA!!!

That story was awesome!

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