Weekend Catch Up

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So it snowed..then it snowed some more...then it iced...then it snowed then it got damn cold...then it melted..then rained and the water came into my house.

What a way to wake up!!! Three kids, two dogs, two cats and a basement full of water. Awesome...it is the exact opposite of all that is good. Out comes the shop vac. and let the pumping begin. Had Peas strapped to my back (thank you mei tai)...

Look out the window at the yard...Lake H....need an ark where is Noah when you need him?

Kids were in rain boots and snow pants having a great time (only kids can have fun during this)

Enter mother in law. She calls she has water..needs help...If I can do it with three kids...she can do it by herself-she is a big girl. She was all upset because her husband was not there....well neither was mine...duh. She does not have a shop vac--my answer go buy one...not that hard. I have done it.

So after a long day of work with lots of help. My basement was dry and my yard was mostly dry. Bring on more snow.


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