Raptor Dog

Thursday, January 1, 2009

We have a fully fenced back yard. In theory that would keep the two dogs in the yard...theories are great aren't they? But they do not always work. Especially when it pertains to dogs.

the husky is a digger. She digs out...under then fence..or she eats through it. Seriously eats. the golden doodle is a sweet sweet boy with the IQ of a flea. So the husky escapes...te golden doodle follows. the husky stays close...the doolde gets lost.

So an electric fence was installed. In general I am opposed to things like that. I find them cruel. But after building a dog run...getting a new fence..and still having escapees desperate times call for desperate measures.

Now the husky behaves like a raptor from "Jurassic Park" testing the fence she gets close hears a beep and backs off. The beep is the warning that she will be zapped. If she does not hear the beep she digs..... I have a raptor for a dog. Except a lot nicer


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