Lost the battle

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

of the Barbies. As a girl I LOVED my barbies...I had an unhealthy obsession with them..I played with them named them....lots of fun. Somehow I decided that I did not want to have my kids playing with such a stereotypical toy. I did not want to foster any not so healthy values in them. I lost.

Princess loves her Barbies. oh well. She dresses them. makes them walk does all sorts of things with them that are in fact very imaginative. Oh well. I can deal with Barbies...but if someone buys Bratz...I put my foot down


Mike said...

No Bratz, I hear you. Lexy LOVES the Bratz though. Why should it be cool and acceptable to be considered a brat? It shouldn't. Here's the thing though, Lexy got a live action Bratz movie that actually teaches some form of values. Friendship should never be left behind for popularity yadda yadda yadda...

emygination said...

I loved my Barbies as a kid, too. I actually wish Rayna was willing to play with Barbies more so I could have an excuse to still play with them. ;)

I don't think that playing with Barbies dooms a kid to a life of impossible body images -- I think that other things they are exposed to does that far more effectively.

(Totally agree with you on the Bratz dolls, though.)

Trip Snyder said...

I even played with Barbies, (parents friends had a lot of girls). Brats pisses me off. Same as Hannah Montana - her bitchy little attitude is not one you want the kids watching.

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