Country or City

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I like both...I am not totally happy where we are now..which led me to think exactly what I would look for in my 'ideal' living situation.

-I want a huge front porch (that would ideally face west)
-I want to have a horse- I miss riding. I miss the wind, the smell, the horses, being up on a horse brings me peace- the best job I ever had was teaching riding.
-I want flowers and vegetables- growing my own reminds me of my grandfather.
-I want to be able to feel safe
-I want goats and sheep and chickens- maybe even a cow. I like knowing where my food comes from...
-I want a tree swing for the kids

all of this leads me to think that I want to live in the country. I like knowing my neighbors. The problems??

I hate driving. To live in the country would mean that you do not 'run out' is always a trip.

Doctors..If need be a firehouse is down the street from my house..and yes I have called 911 2x since we have been in this house.

food- i love ethnic food. real thai, real indian, real italian and if I want it I do not want to sub some sub par chain for good food. Heck even here I have not found 'the place' for half of my ethnic food cravings.

museums/libraries- I would miss them. So would the kids. We go to way to many museums

So where should we live?? Country or city??? any ideas??


Trip Snyder said...

I intend to have a mansion in the country and a condo downtown! :)

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