Observations on adoption

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am far from an expert on adoption and in my limited experience with adoption and the people involved I have been impressed.

A family who lived near me as a child adopted twice from India, a former boyfriend and his sister were adopted, a friend has a adopted twice from Asia, and a few other acquaintances have been involved in some way or another with adoptions.

Recently a family I know has decided to pursue adoption. The would be grandparents are less than enthusiastic- questioning the bond, the reasons, several different things. I was confused and hurt for her. I am of the belief that families are made is several ways. What makes a family is not how people came to be a part of it but the common love that is shared. Their reaction in fact made me pretty sad- children need a loving home.

On the few occasions I have had to observe adoptive parents with their children I have been struck with the dedication that the parents have to the children and the love shared between them. These parents are parents in every respect and have obviously been dedicated to being parents as the adoption process is usually quite long and drawn out.


Trip Snyder said...

If you want, talk to my dad about this. My 'rents had 17 foster children (not adoption I know), and many of them felt that my parents love for them saved their lives and was no less then a biological parents' love. You're right, it doesn't matter how they came into your family, its how you love them. I love Skylar, Billy, and Zoe as if they are mine, and they are not. :)

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