why I hate movie theaters

Saturday, January 31, 2009

It is a long standing pastime to go and take in a movie. I have done it I will do it but I will not suggest it or be thrilled to do it. I dislike movie theaters. The reason? Lice.

Long ago my dad had a lot of business trips my mother and I went with him. One such trip was to Pittsburgh, PA and then to DC. Pittsburgh was not my favorite city. But that is neither here nor there. One thing that they had was the Carnegie Science Center...and there was an IMAX theater. We went in and saw a movie.. Several days later my head started to itch. My mother chalked it up to stress as I was a high strung kid.

Upon returning home it was discovered that I had lice. I was mortified. It was awful. Mind you I had hair that was well past my bottom and getting the nits out of it was quite a chore. My parents spent several hours picking through my hair on the patio.

This was particularly rough because my mother is a clean freak...a typical operating room would maybe possibly pass muster if she were in a generous mood.

So it was suggested that I got lice from the IMAX theater..thus I do not enjoy movies out.


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