back in the saddle again

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today I went riding. it has been to say the least a while since I rode last. So I anticipated starting slowly take a lesson walk and trot a bit...get used to diagonals...nothing hard nothing fancy.

Well how do I say this... IT ROCKED. (and I hurt) I did not know I had those muscles. It hurts.

I walked, trotted, cantered, and get this Jumped.. it was a very low x but I went over it 4 times. It was great. It was exhilarating.

For someone who rode competitively and lived and breathed horses this was a long time to be off... but wow. I remember why I love this sport. I remember the peace that can be found on horseback. The feeling of such a powerful strong animal, working together, communicating. In the end

what is more frightening when angry: a three hundred pound line backer or a 1200 lb, horse??


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