the cow did not die in vain

Monday, February 9, 2009

A steak is a steak right? Chicken chicken right?? ummmm no. It is not.

Saturday evening I went to Cafe 36 in LaGrange. It is a place that was featured on Kitchen Nightmares Cafe 36. The outside is unassuming and standard. The atmosphere is 'ehhh' (you could see Chef Ramsay's design touches and what they went back was very obvious) The wall by the window to the kitchen was great as were the chandeliers (seriously they were gorgeous).

The food. The The menu was concise and well planned. The hardest part was figuring out what to get. There were so many things that looked incredible and so little time!!!

We started with the soup-Tomato Basil Soup- the best soup I have ever had. Wow. Then came the entrees. We had Steak and Chicken. Basic right?? Wow. Just wow. I have never tasted anything like that. The cow should have been proud.

Then dessert. Chocolate mousse. Again amazing. The whipped cream was rich and the mousse was so rich. Fantastic.. if you need a place to go for a nice meal...go there. now.


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Thanks for the recommendation! John and I watched that show too and thought about going there! Now we know it's yummy! Was it expensive?

Just Me said...

it was not crazy expensive. 2 apps, 2 entrees, 2 drinks, desserts for $95

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