how do you parent without dogs?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I have 2 dogs. 2 very well fed dogs. I had one dog, but he was unable to keep up on the mess so a second had to be added. (truth be told we had a mini schnauzer who had a bit of a Napoleon complex and he kept picking fights with the bigger dogs so now he lives at my in-laws) So at one point we had three dogs. Three dogs, 2 cats, and fish.

Anyway..the dogs. We originally got a dog when I got sick of wiping up the floor after every single meal time since we had one small child we anticipated that a small dog would keep up. Bearing in mind this child insisted on making every meal a multi-sensory experience or a mixed media art project.

Well one dog did ok. Soon we realized we were hardly ever feeding him dog every other day.

So we added the golden doodle. He a sweet boy..who is supposedly poodle/golden...he does not act like it...he is golden through and through. He also is not the brightest of dogs. But he is great for clean up duty.

Then came A The husky. Who is a very patient very gentle girl. She is smart though. Too smart.

Between the two dogs they are able to clean up the majority of spills related to mealtimes and the stray goldfish crackers...they also function as a pre-wash cycle and a garbage disposal. If I did not have them I would spend considerably more time chasing stray snacks and meal remnants. How do you do it?


Atwood-Family of 3 said...

Haha! Our dog serves the same function-cleaning the floor and chairs after meal time, when I cook picking up stray bits that fall, and she totally acts as our "rinser" for the dishwasher. If I cooked in a casserole dish or a pan, I just put it on the floor and Winnie "rinses" it for me! I love it!

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