Bad day

Friday, February 27, 2009

Today is my fathers mothers birthday...and if I remember correctly her death day. I miss her. I miss her so much. She was wonderful. She made oven roasted potatoes that cannot be replicated.. many have tried no one can do it. She told me one time during a particularly bad time with my dad that "No one loves you like your father" I cried. She had a way of saying things that just cut through things.

I cannot describe what it was like with her. Truth be told I do not remember that much... But I remember her smell. I remember the cotton balls...she always had them and never minded when I would play with them and make a huge mess.

The last part of her life was so painful for her physically and awful emotionally. Our family was going through a rough time and she, I swear, did not want to leave us to make sure we were all okay. I think that my dad told her it was okay to go we would be fine. It took a long time to be fine but we are...and I miss her. I love her.


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