attention seeking behaviour

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

is very frustrating. My children all are well practiced at it. If they feel they are not getting the appropriate amount of my time they are exceptionally good at making sure they take some.

As a somewhat intelligent person I understand how this works and I understand the purpose. As a mom I am annoyed. As someone feeling constantly stretched too thin- I am irritated.

It was easier when B was here. the odds were slightly more even. Now I have no chance.
Logically it is 'easy' to deal with this behavior..ignore it right? But isn't the reason they are acting out because they feel they need more? Ignoring their needs also runs contrary to my sensibilities as a mom. The biggest problem that I seem to have is handling the juggling act and walking constantly on a tightrope. Which is how I feel..juggling while balancing precariously..I hope I am working with a net


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