Ouch and how'd that happen??

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is two posts in one. It has been an interesting day around here.

Peas broke my nose. That is right. My one year old baby broke my nose. By the way it hurts. A lot.
It was also quite embarrassing. I had to scrape of the windshield of my oh so sexy Odyssey with crap shoved up my nose because it was bleeding. Then drive to get Princess from preschool to face the guy that was pathetically flirting with me.

I am not so great at noticing when I am being hit on. But this guy was just painful. Dropping of Princess at school was not a place I anticipated getting hit on. It is preschool.. abc's yep blatant flirting not so much.

I was there with all of my children..trying to keep at least a cursory idea of where they were and making small talk with the father of one of Princess's friends. The conversation was basic parenting stuff...from the usual how do you entertain kids when it is incredibly cold out...somehow the chat turned in an unanticipated direction- him complimenting me on doing this on my own...me saying I am not on my own all the time...then I realized that he somehow had managed to meander across the hall and was standing next to me...a bit to close. I am not practiced at flirting...not interested in it. I have my family- I love them. Soon enough he began suggesting getting together outside of school...I thought he meant a kid play date...wow. I am dense. I told him that just because B was not there does not mean I am available.


Farrah said...

Hitting on a mom with a broken nose, dropping off her kid at preschool... now that is studly! Seriously, some people are just pathetic. Hope your nose feels better soon. I know the pain of a child-inflicted injury. People start to ask funny questions too. I can't tell you how many times I got the whole "do you feel safe at home?" speech!!

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