I need a pedometer for night time

Thursday, January 8, 2009

After a long day of dealing with kids with colds, getting sneezed on...nose bleeds, diapers-

Got the kids in bed. It was rough. Back and forth between beds...between cuddling, nursing potty, reading.

Finally... fell asleep to be woken up by coughing- I swear I never fall all the way asleep. I get half way there...leave an eye partially open...still listen for sounds that are not quite right- anyway Stinky comes padding into my room coughing. He gets into bed with me and pukes.. all over me..peas, the bed... great. Change sheets, pjs...

doze back off. Hear princess crying. She had an accident. change her sheets, her pjs, go back to sleep.

Hear peas fussing roll over start nursing. She has massive gas..well a buttplosion.. again change sheets, pjs..start to doze. Alarm goes off.

The joys of motherhood. Can not wait for my massage.


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