Monday, January 26, 2009

Sitting at the table eating...enjoying a free pop...then the peace was shattered....a piercing shriek...I ran up stairs...Princess managed to knock the dresser over and with it 2 fish tanks. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. (except potentially the fish UJ prognosis is cautiously optimistic).

2 gallons of scummy fish water all over a kids bedroom and toys is a lot of water. And stinky water at that. That is raining down into the laundry room...ewwwwwwww.

So upon arrival at the scene of the accident I did a 'scene survey' and ascertained that Princess was trapped under the dresser, Stinky was on the bed and there were 2 fish MIA. Princess was freed. Princess was examined for physical injuries. The damage seemed to be limited psychological trauma. Children were deposited in bath tub to wash off fish water.

Aside: did you know that catching fish when flopping around is hard..especially when holding a baby??

Fish caught and put in cup as temporary containment. Clean-up begins...gravel, fish food, and gross fish water were EVERYWHERE. We will be finding gravel for months.
It was a miracle that neither of the glass tanks broke and no one was seriously injured.

Tanks were cleaned and put back re inserted in watery home. UJ (the fish) flopped to the bottom of the tank and assumed a decidedly depressing pose. Princess realized that he may die. She wept for him. She kissed his tank and told him that she loved him.

All joking a side seeing her obvious affection and concern for the fish melted me. She is so sensitive to the suffering of others-even fish.

So I will check on the fish periodically and hope for his recovery and hope that mortality has not caught up with dear UJ


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