hangover preschool style

Friday, December 26, 2008

So it has been a week of holidays...Hanukkah, Christmas...next New Years. The kids are wiped...but net expressing it as fatigue..but as grumpiness and stubbornness. it is 1:30 and we are holed up at home trying to mellow after the buzz of the holidays.
This year I had a hard time getting into the holidays...get wonder why...huh? Oh thats right this year has been challenging. So much loss. So much sadness. It almost does not seem real. Usually I am fussing about Christmas/Hanukkah in October..this year I could not get into it. My heart was heavy.

This morning we awoke at 4 am to go serve breakfast to those less fortunate as a way to re-focus and center ourselves (read myself). The roads were like driving on glass. Awful. Scary. I could not get into the lot at the shelter. But we made it. It was really good to do that. It refreshed my heart to teach my children about giving. Even when we are having a rough time...the guests were so kind and so nice. I am looking forward to doing that again. For the first time this season my heart was lighter and I enjoyed it.


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